10 Things You Keep Doing Because Of Your Anxiety That Others May Not Realize

Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point of their life. It can be mild or severe but it is certainly harmful and it’s a problem that can’t be overlooked. But a lot of people still do not understand the way anxiety affects a person and they seem to find anxious people passive, lazy and irresponsible.

If you do not understand anxiety, this can help you understand people with anxiety better. And if you are an anxious person, we know you are going to agree with these things.

1. Declining invites to events even though you want to go

Have you ever planned to go to some event but as the time comes you start feeling more anxious about it? Yes, anxiety can take up your whole space and it can make you start feeling less energetic and excited about the event.

Anxious people are aware of this happening but they don’t want to become a burden for the people who are going to the event- so they just cancel their plans.

2. Obsessing over things that others may not even notice

Sometimes even a glance or a simple word from someone can be enough for your head to start rewinding every little thing that has happened. This can go on even for days. But you tend to obsess over everything that has happened recently.

You start obsessing over a conversation you had, reproducing the whole thing and thinking about what you said. You even start noticing the fact that some stranger looked at you as if there was something wrong.

Whatever the case may be, many people wouldn’t understand why you notice or remember these things.

3. Sleep deprivation

Going to bed early is certainly a problem for anxious people. You go to bed early thinking you will get a good night sleep but you end up rewinding the past day. And it’s hard to fall asleep like that isn’t it?

But when the morning comes and the alarm clock starts ticking, you wake up and so does your anxiety. You feel tired but you can’t switch it off, so there’s no going back to bed for you.

4. Expecting the worst in every situation

Instead of enjoying every moment you start convincing yourself that something terrible is going to happen. If you’re going on a date you imagine the worst thing happening to you.

If you get sick you start thinking about the worst possible outcome. Your mind is always making you uneasy about things that you shouldn’t worry about.

5. If someone shows concern about you, you become really worried

If someone asks you if you are OK, you start to fear that something actually might be wrong. Your anxiety keeps on growing when someone is concerned about you.
And you can’t stop thinking that if someone noticed something about you then there has to be more to it than you thought.

6. You believe it’s your fault if someone doesn’t reply right away

Every time you write a text you wait anxiously on the phone for a reply. But if you don’t get a response immediately, you start thinking that you might have said or done something wrong.

You should stop doing that and consider the fact that they might not be able to write a response at the time, or they are just bad at communicating. That doesn’t mean you did something wrong.

7. You do not look forward to talking about your future

While everyone is talking about the future, looking forward to it and making plans about it, you feel frustrated and intimidated every time this topic comes around.

You are having trouble with the present and thinking about the future just seems so hard, so you just hide from the thought of it.

8. You are always comparing yourself to others

Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook, finding your old classmates just to see if they are more successful than you? Even though you do not want to do it your anxiety keeps telling you to compare yourself to others.

You seem to worry too much if you are going to succeed in your life like they have. You know that’s wrong but you can’t help doing it.

9. You are trying to be perfect

If you make a mistake you start getting consumed by the thought of it. You always strive for perfect but mistakes can occur, and that is natural. Unfortunately your anxiety keeps making you think just the opposite.

In these cases being anxious can lead to great stress and it could make you afraid of doing your job just because you are afraid of making a mistake.

10. But sometimes you just feel too exhausted

Anxiety makes you lack energy, it drains you both physically and mentally. That’s why sometimes you don’t even want to get out of bed. You feel like you cannot function properly.

Some people may see you as lazy or irresponsible. But it’s important to make them know that anxiety is making you feel this way.

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