28 People Proved a Point About the Environment by Swimming Across the Dead Sea

28 People Proved a Point about the Environment by Swimming across the Dead Sea

Yes, it might not be around forever!

The Dead Sea is greatly known for its extreme saltiness that is capable of preventing life forms such as aquatic plants and fish from living in. Tourists all over usually flock the shores of the Dead Sea to rub its mineral rich mud on their skin and float on its great waters.

However, the Dead Sea has receded 80 feet in the past 30 years and environmentalists are becoming worried that it might not be around for long.

An international environmental group, the EcoPeace Middle East decided to organize their first ever-Dead Sea Swim to raise awareness of the issue and to seek government action.

Twenty-eight swimmers dived into the hard Dead Sea waters to swim from Jordan to Israel

The Dead Sea is known to be the lowest point on Earth measuring about 1,400 feet below the sea level.

This Seas waters are 10 times saltier than the regular seawater. The water is full of therapeutic minerals making it toxic to ingest.

However, that did not prevent the 28 swimmers from swimming 9 miles across it from Jordan to Israel, the first ever Dead Sea swim!

The swim that was sponsored by the EcoPeace Middle East was meant to raise awareness of its receding waters due to the Jordan and Israeli mining.

The Dead Sea has dropped by 80 feet in the past 30 years.

Its salty waters are known to be so buoyant that the swimmers cannot sink

The tiniest drop of water in the eyes burns like crazy!

However, swimmers from New Zealand, South Africa, UK and Kenya managed to preserver

“The swim was successful due to the incredible teamwork,” said Kim Chambers, an open water swimmer from New Zealand.

“Diplomatic support from Jordan and Israel made it possible for us”

“That is what is required to bring attention to any issues that require attention right now.”

After the 9-mile swim, the swimmers washed off the irritating and salty water off their skin.

“The life-threatening challenge the swimmers faced is parallel to the challenges facing the Dead Sea,” Gidon Bromberg, the Director of EcoPeace Middle East from Israel revealed.


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