With 60 Years of Data and 3000 Studies, Australia Declares Fluoride ‘Completely Safe’


Recently, the National Health and Medical Research Council from Australia has released its verdict on fluoride in drinking water. After 60 years of research and 300 studies on this topic, the latest and probably most relevant study so far has revealed that fluoride in the drinking water doesn’t cause cancer nor lowers a person’s AQ.

The CEO from the National Health and Medical Research Council said: “It shows that community water fluoridation as it’s used in Australia today is effective at reducing tooth decay and is not associated with any general negative health effects.”


Many studies that were conducted in China are reporting about the negative effects of fluoride. The professor named Clive Wright said that most of these studies used really bad methodology and were made in areas where the fluoride levels can be even five times higher than that of Australian fluoride levels in the water. So, the study claims that there is absolutely no link that connects fluoride and cancer, even if many studies in past suggested this.

Also, AQ lowering effects are not a concern any more. Clive Wright said that there isn’t any difference in the AQ levels of school aged children and adults that are coming from areas with and without water fluoridation.

At the moment, the recommended levels of fluoride in potable water is set at the limit of 1.5 mg/L, while the standard bottled water for drinking ranges somewhere between 0.6 – 1.1 micrograms per one liter.

Just because this study was made in Australia, that doesn’t mean it they can’t be applied to any fluoridated water supply. The American Dental Association has advocated for fluoridation of public water supplies citing the safety of fluoride and the dental health benefits, but also the economic advantages of preventing tooth decay.


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