How To Create An Endless Supply Of Hot Water – No Power Required!

No matter if one chooses to live off the grid and wants to create an endless supply of hot water or lives in a place with sparse resources, indeed this video is sure inspirational and informative.

Would you like to live a self-sufficient life in some place far away from society? If you do, you could learn a lot from this youtube video because it reveals all the information you need in order to create an endless supply of water. And all you need is just few recycled parts and one small rocket stove. Easy.

If case you didn’t know, rocket stove is a hot burning stove stat uses small diameter wood fuel and therefore it ensures almost total combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface and is extremely efficient.

This amazing technique described in the video below utilizes thermal siphon pumping in order to move the freshly heated water in the reservoir. It’s very easy to reproduce and with this device you can be sure that you’ll always have an endless supply of hot water for as long as you need.

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