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What Is Your Dominant Gender According To This Colour Test

Colors can tell a lot about many things in our lives. Let’s say, take a banana. If the banana is green, that means the it’s not ripe yet, if it’s yellow – it’s definitely ready to eat, and if its brown or black it means that it’s likely rotten. This is just a basic illustration of that how colors could point out some information that’s very useful for us, because otherwise we couldn’t really tell the difference.

There are various studies and research done in this field and it turns out that gender has a huge role in terms of the colors that we are drawn and attracted to. In general, man prefer shades of orange, green and gray and women are more into yellow, purple, red and pink color. Absolute favorite for both genders is the universal color – blue. Of course, man prefer much darker, smoky and bolder shades while women like softer and more muted tones.

If all of this somehow sounds familiar to you, there is a reason that. It is because we are used to this distinctions and we are exposed to them everywhere around us. Also, businesses are trying to market their product to us based on most of the color preferences that were mentioned above and that’s exactly why man’s brand packaging is much more often gray, black or navy blue, in comparison with the with soft, clean crisp whites and kind of more warm, feminine colors for woman.

So, as many research and studies have shown so far, the link between gender and color is quite strong. In general, experts has agreed on the conclusion then both women and men are simply drawn to different color variations. Knowing that this nice color-based text will help you find out what percentage female and male you are, in order for you to determine your dominant gender. Will you be female, male, or maybe even unisex? There only one way to find out!

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