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THIS is Why Intelligent People Can’t find Happiness!

The presence of a faithful and loving partner, a successful career and a good family life may not be enough to prevent intelligent people to feel melancholy, grief and sadness in their lives.

These are the six most likely reasons why happiness somehow seems to elude highly intelligent souls:

1. They Tend To Overthink Stuff

A lot of people with high level of intelligence tend to overthink and analyze everything that occurs in their life a bit too much. Of course, that can be exhausting at times, especially when your thoughts are leading you to conclusions that could be frustrating for you. They put you down, but you still can’t do anything else about it except think and think, no matter how draining that experience could be.

Their ability for ultra-analyzing things is great. But, also we should bear in mind that we don’t need to pay attention to everything, and fulfill our minds with bad thoughts. Ignorance is bliss is a saying that holds good for people that have the ability to see right through anybody and therefore easily identify their true motives. Indisputably, this world really seems like a place that is somehow occupied by the wrong people. Plus, no need for mentioning the feelings that affect you upon the reflection of philosophical problems, global affairs and the existential questions of life that seem impossible to answer. But, this stands: If you learn to ignore, you could feel cheerful, happy and lighthearted.

2. They Want To Match Everything With Their High Standards

People that are highly intelligent seem always sure of what they want, and therefore anything less than their expectations definitely fails to satisfy them. This makes their live much more difficult because they need a lot to become satisfied and fulfilled. This also stands for career, relationship, friendship or anything else that you could think of, anything else that matters in our lives.

It is known that we can never get all we want in our lives. But brilliant minds usually ignore this practical knowledge and they tend to maintain highly idealistic views of the world that often are not helpful in coping with the ways of the world. Therefore, then the reality goes in the opposite of their expectations, they feel highly disappointed.

3. Intelligent People Judge Themselves Too Much

One more reason for unhappiness that meets high IQ people is their tendency to be extremely hard on themselves. And it’s not about their failures or successes in general, but everything that is about them. Their deep thinking nature tend to analyse their actions and their behavior while comparing them to highest standards. Of course this process is done unintentionally, but exactly this tendency it’s the reason for them to blame themselves, paradoxically – for no reason.

A simple act that was committed many years ago can all of a sudden haunt their mind and remind them how the failed to do things in a different and more rightly way. This can disturb their mind and derange their mood. After that, they can not simply spend the day in a cheerful way or manage a relaxing sleep during the night. These kinds of flashbacks into mistakes from the past are really frequent in people with high IQ. Their mind is filled with negative emotions like guilt and discontent and this is more than enough to erase happiness from one’s life.

4. They Aim For Bigger Things 

They simply can not satisfy themselves with what they already have in their lives, because high IQ allows them to imagine bigger things that serves a bigger purpose. Of course, some of them are indeed driven too far away by their intense imagination which makes it impossible for them to enjoy (and see) the good things they already have in their lives. For these kind of people, ordinary life is simply boring and they are always hungry for exceptionalism, which doesn’t necessarily exist in reality.

Do you have the feeling that somehow this planet doesn’t suits you, or perhaps you’d be more happy to live in a different era? This is not something new about deep thinking individuals. When these kinds of things are occupying your mind, you can hardly hope to find happiness when you don’t even have the ability to accept the world and the time you live in.

5. They Have No One To Appreciate Them Or Have a Meaningful Conversation

We all want to be truly understood, but it is true that intelligent people can’t always find someone who understands their needs, desires, plans or actions. When people that understands us are present in our lives, somehow everything seems less stressful. Meaningful conversations with a like-minded person that has the ability to understand your ideas and views weather it is for philosophy, personal life or other complex things, can be very comforting and satisfying . Unfortunately, most intelligent souls feel lonely and misunderstood, because usually no one appreciates the depth with which they can analyze and see things.

But also, some scientific studies has shown that smart people don’t always need someone to socialize with, as much as the, let’s say – average intelligent people. But however, smart people are always hungry out of the need to meet and interact with other people, and therefore have a real meaningful conversation with them. That’s why they usually avoid to talk about subject like food or weekend plans, and they prefer to discuss big ideas and fascinating things. Of course, sometimes it is hard to meet a person that can just burst into a deep conversation and the materialist and consumerist society we live in is the one to blame for this.

6. High IQ People Often Tend To Develop Psychological Issues.

A lot of studies have found some kind of connection between highly intelligent people and psychological disorders like social anxiety and bipolarism. Is it true that these kind of disorders are just the price that needs to be payed for having a brilliant mind? This can not be confirmed because there are so many hidden mysteries of the mind.

This does not necessarily means that all smart people suffer from mental disorders. But even the ones who don’t, are much more likely to suffer from existential depression that usually is born out of over-thinking. Because, if you keep analyzing everything very deeply, at some point you will start thinking about the meaning of life and death. You search for the meaning of your whole existence and this is when you’ll begin to re-evaluate your own life. This maybe makes you sad, but it is for no apparent reason.

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