Mom saying hello makes baby laugh uncontrollably

Laughter is the best medicine as the saying goes. A single dose of laughter can dry away one’s tears, drive away boredom, drive away sadness and loneliness. Though there are some people who are hard to please, there are some who by a single gesture laughs uncontrollably.

It was a lazy day in bed for this mom and son duo. They were spending the day watching the television.

In between commercials, mom decided to do something that would amuse her little son and make him laugh uncontrollably. Every time the mom says “hello”, his son would laugh hysterically.

This went and on until mom and son were out of breath. A good laugh really brings sunshine to a home and this baby’s laugh surely fills this home with so much love.

So the next time you have the blues just watch this video and it will make all your hurts and worries go away.

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