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SCIENCE Mystery Finally Solved! THIS is How the Pyramids of Egypt Were Built

The ancient pyramids of Giza in Egypt are a place full of controversy and mystery since the beginning of civilization. It appears that the more archaeologists research this problematic topic, the more questions they end up with.

Giza is definitely one of the most advanced ancient constructs that are so far found in this world, also because these are the only pyramids with 8 sides. What’s even more mysterious is the fact that each block is really heavy – around two to thirty tons a piece. Having in mind that the Great Pyramid of Giza was composed of 2,300,000 blocks, people still remain puzzled regarding it’s amazing construction. What do you think, how these ancient people have had the advanced machinery that is required to carry such weights?

Also, it’s important to know that the pyramid is located in the very center of Earth’s land mass, which means that the ancient Egyptians knew the exact size of Earth.

Unfortunately, so far there are not any experts that were able to start unraveling the mysteries around these pyramids. But, that’s only until NOW, because the YouTube documentary that follows will show some relevant attempts that can explain some of the processes that were used to construct the Pyramids. Of course, we can’t simply verify if the proposed theory is correct or no, but nonetheless the concept that is shown is very interesting. So, watch it for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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