Waking Up Between 3-5am May Actually Be A Sign Of Spiritual Awakening

Waking up every night at the same time without the help of an alarm clock might be a sign and you need to pay attention to it. It can mean that you have energies flowing through your body that you are not aware of.
Although it’s not very known, energy meridians are used in traditional Chinese medicine and they are very important for the practices such as acupressure and acupuncture.

According to Chinese medicine these energy meridians of the body are connected to a clock system that is energizing different parts of your body depending on what time is it. That’s why waking up between 3 am and 5 am is considered as a sign that energies in that particular part of your body are blocked or weak.

Most people go to bed around 9 to 11 pm and if you have difficulties falling asleep that might be a sign of excess stress or worries during the day. To avoid problems with falling asleep this time of the evening you should practice positive mantras, meditation, or successive muscle tension and relaxation exercises.

WAKING UP BETWEEN  11:00pm AND 1:00am.
The time frame between 11 pm and 1 am, according to Chinese medicine, is the time that the energy meridian of the gall bladder is activated. If you experience emotional disappointment, most likely you will wake up at this time of the night and in order to improve your sleeping, just practice unconditional self-acceptance and forgiveness.

WAKING UP BETWEEN 1:00am AND 3:00am.
If you wake up between 1 am and 3 am that means that you have some anger issues and you can’t control those emotions or you have excess yang energy. The solution is to drink cool water and to take ownership in the situation that caused that problem and those emotions. That’s the only way to rest peacefully. Also, this energy meridian is associated with the liver.

WAKING UP BETWEEN  3:00am AND 5:00am.
Waking up between 3am and 5am can be associated with the energy meridian that is running through your lungs and with the emotion of sadness. This means that in order to help yourself to get back to sleep, you need to try some slow, deep breathing. Also waking up at this period of the night can be a sign of your Higher Power. You should pay attention to this and align it with your higher purpose. You can learn more below about this very important time frame for wakefulness.

WAKING UP BETWEEN 5:00am AND 7:00am.
The energy flow is in the large intestines during this time of the morning. Emotional blockages are also associated with this time of the early morning. Try stretching your muscles or using the restroom to help yourself get back to sleep.


If we wake up at a certain period of the night it doesn’t have to mean that our brains are fully awake. According to the, there is this thing called sleep inertia that happens if you wake up suddenly and too early. Sleep inertia was named not so long ago, in 1976, and it refers to that period of time between starting to wake up and being fully awake feeling groggy. If you wake up more suddenly then the sleep inertia is more severe.
When we are abruptly awakened in the night, the so-called prefrontal cortex of our brains that is involved in the decision-making and the self-control, is not fully awake yet. That’s why we are not capable of intelligent thoughts as soon as we wake up in the night. So avoid making any important decisions.

A sleep cycle is the time when you are dreaming and you can also receive messages from the Divine about your path, and dreams can reveal many details about your spiritual journey. You, as a human being on a spiritual journey, need to stay aware of all the signs that your Higher Power is constantly sending to you.
Emotional problems can manifest in our bodies as pain, and in the same way our spirituality can be manifested in a bodily form. This divine inner spark that we all posses is being called upon at the moment we are waking up and the signals that our Higher Power is sending us is something to tune into.
More and more people are starting to believe that we are here to learn and develop our being and to become the best versions of ourselves and some people call this process where you are moving to a higher level of consciousness – an ascension. Of course, being aware of your higher purpose in life is just a part of this process.

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