10 Of The Most Fascinating Discoveries That Science Still Can’t Explain

What are the real origins of humanity?

There are thousands of ancient artifacts from the past that somehow are still mysterious and intriguing for us. But how did ancient civilizations could have created such advanced technologies?


This artifact is speculated to be so extremely old that part of the wooden handle has turned to coal. Coal is known to take millions of years to form, so then how is this possible? How old could this strange artifact actually be?


This is one of the most controversial artifacts in South America. It is a large stone bowl, similar to a container for making libations, baptisms or for purification ceremonies. Found by a villager near Lake Titicaca, the engraved writing lining the bowl is thought to be Sumerian!


This is an incredible 2,000-year-old astronomical calculator built by ancient Greeks! This amazing mechanism is much more advanced than anything that was built in the following 10,000 years or so. How did they have the knowledge to create something so intricate?

                            4. THE HIDDEN CHARACTER STONE

This stone is located in a scenic area in Zhangbu village, China. This incredible carving is thought to be a staggering 270 million years old?! Some other versions of the writing can essentially be translated as “Communist Party of China”.


The origins, purpose and age of this stone are completely unknown so far. It is located in the late 1800’s by some working people that were digging a fence post. The carvings on one side of the stone (shaped like egg?) obviously show a image of corn and some other unknown figures, but the other side is kind of more abstract and it shows pictures of the moon, some dots, a spiral and picture of arrows.

What do you think, what is the meaning of all these symbols?

                              6. THE VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT

This artifact is incredible because it appears that it’s language and origins are so far completely unknown and it is believed to be handwritten diary of an alien! Strange symbols, a lot of diagrams and full of plant life, the artifact’s language can not be traced back to any civilization that is known to humanity.

You can do some more research about it and see for yourself if you can decode some of the mysterious meanings that are waiting to be discovered!

                               7. THE GIANT DINOSAUR EGGS

This fossilized eggs were found somewhere in Russia and their origin is still unknown. Some researchers think that they existed 60 million years ago! They suggest that it was laid by some kind of strange, obviously very large prehistoric reptile, but of course, the exact species that left these eggs will remain a mystery…


Prepare for this one. These bateries are 2,000 years old and they were found near Baghdad, in a place called Khujut Rabu. Were people really creating batteries so long ago? What did they used them for?

This is just one more proof that people from the past were really much more smarter than we’ve though and we give them credit for.


This mysterious map was created in 1513 by a guy named Riri Reis. It was designed way before any kind of aerial viewing technology existed. This map shows some parts of the eastern coast of South America, northern coast of Antarctica and the western coast of Africa.

How on earth could this be possible? Is it remote viewing maybe, or perhaps hot air balloons? You decide for yourself.


You are looking at an assortment of 3,000 perfectly carved, round – shaped mysterious stones. Of course, there is no evidence that could prove how, why, or even when this stones were placed here. Did some very advanced technology was used for carving these stones so smoothly?

In this world, there is much more going on than we can imagine.

So, do you think that discoveries like the one’s above should be discussed in our schools in a more wide and open way? Because, one’s for sure: if we can find the true value of the inventions from the people in the past, we could all together put pieces in the puzzle that will open our minds in order to understand what was really happening back the.

Also, you can see a video that is explaining a bit more about these mysterious discoveries:

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