10 Unexpected Traits You Will Find Only In Extremely Intelligent People

Intelligence is not just a high IQ, it can be manifested in many ways. There are many things that we almost never connote with someone who is bright, but intelligence many times shows itself in a totally spontaneous and unexpected manners. Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. A brilliant scientist may not be so good with art or poetry, or the other way around. However there are people, not so many individuals around the world, that are lucky enough to have tapped somehow into many or all of the forms of intelligence. They have a different way of functioning and can master many abilities in numerous opposing realms. Bellow we listed what are the 10 traits that are most commonly found among the subtly brilliant.

1. Fluidity Of Thought And Opinion.
These people know that to be loyal to a believe means to limit your thoughts. While perfectly capable to form a strong valid opinion, intelligent people tend to be more open and to stay away from absolutes because they know how important is to have an open mind for new possibilities at all times.

2. They’re Never Hasty. 
Different situations ask for a different approach. Intelligent people always take as much time as they need to think through and consider what to say before saying it, and will take into account whether it is socially acceptable or not. They also know when it’s necessary to add or avoid something in a conversation. This is just a momentary process in the head that doesn’t need much effort, but it can be very helpful.

3. Never Contributing Unless It Will Benefit The Group.
Intelligent people find small talk not so interesting. They don’t have the need to speak or do things just to get attention or just to fulfill the awkward silence. They get involved in a situation only when they have something important to offer, something that is necessary or helpful. If that’s not the case they simply choose not to get involved.

4. They March To Their Own Drummer.
These people are never worried about fitting in. The crowd can be boring and many times wrong, so they don’t feel the need to be a part of it. The thoughts and the opinions of truly intelligent people are based on facts because they are aware of the human potential for making mistakes. Although, this does not mean that they don’t respect other people’s feelings, just that they will always form their individual ideas as soon as they obtain enough information.

5. They Know That Everyone Is Capable Of Being Wrong. Including Themselves.
People are far from flawless and only a fool can believe that men are impeccable. A truly intelligent person can admit his mistake when he makes one. You can’t think that you’re always right, and only when you overcome this, you can be considered as an intelligent person. Always have great respect for people, but never forget that even the best of us can sometimes screw up, and this goes for the ones that you may consider as your heroes as well.

6. They Always Strive To Be Objective.
When having an argument, it’s never about winning or losing, who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s about learning and understanding things in a different and maybe even a better way. The strive to be objective rather than being right is what makes a person intelligent. Instead of being emotional and telling someone that he/she is wrong, they offer a different perspective, because they would rather help someone to come to their own conclusion, than to force their personal opinions.

7. They Don’t Let Emotion Get The Best Of Them.
People are emotional creatures but you need to know how to control your emotions. Intelligent people will do whatever they can to stay calm and clear-headed in a difficult and emotional situation. If you’re not able to contain your emotions and personal believes to inform your behavior people can get hurt, angry or upset. Relying on facts and logic and remaining calm are the best ways to find a solution for any kind of situation. Don’t take anything too personally.

8. They Often Rely On Intuition.
It’s a commonly used phrase, and although it sounds a bit cliché remember to always trust your instincts. There was a time when people relied entirely on their intuition in order to survive, and although we are long past that, our instincts sometimes can be of great help. We can get great and useful life hints from them. So the best thing you can do is not to deny your instincts because they exist for a good reason.

9. They Are People Of Action, Not Just Words.
Almost each and every one of us will react to some troublesome issue by trying to think a way out of it and also by doing nothing. It’s not that that people remove thought from the equation entirely, however a truly intelligent individual will find a better way to solve a problem than by getting paralyzed in thought. At a point in your life, you have to learn to take a risk and react. There’s nothing good in sitting there and over analyzing your problems. The best way is to make a plan and follow through with it if you want to see some progress.

10. They Don’t Need Your Validation.
Intelligent people will never worry about judgement or what others are thinking or saying about them, because they know that when someone is judging you harshly, what they’re actually doing is revealing what kind of a person they are. They will pay attention to the thoughts of the people they admire and respect, however their validations comes from within and they know that they have more productive thing to do rather than waiting for the approval of their peers.

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