36 Things You Will Regret Not Doing When You Get Older

Some of the things we never did or see can bother us for a lifetime. Also not being able to forgive ourselves can severely affect our mental state. Therefore, it is crucial to be happy with the way things are now.

Don’t simply give up when you find it too hard to do anything. Or better yet, don’t be lazy, or you will regret it. Here are the top 36 things you will definitely regret when you become older.

1. Working Way Too Much

No one wants to spend their entire life working. That is why it is time to spend your time with the family and focus on your hobbies before you regret it.

2. Always Failing to Finish What You Started

Maybe you started drawing, reading, or studying, but you never found the time to finish it. Well, not it is time to finish what you started.

3. Worrying Constantly

Remember, most of the things you worry about never happen.

4. Getting Caught Up in Endless Drama

Nobody wants drama. After all, it is exhausting. So, stay away from it if you don’t need it.

5. Never Traveling When You Had a Chance

It becomes much harder to travel when you get older. Therefore, try to do it for yourself and go see the world.

6. Caring Too Much About What Others May Say About You

Just don’t care what they think about you. Focus on what you think about yourself. In the end, that is the only thing that will matter.

7. Holding Grudges, Especially for Your Loved Ones

Never let anger take over you.

8. Never Learning to Appreciate the Moment

Stop, take your time and relax. Learn to enjoy the moment.

9. Refusing to Make Friends

Many of us are afraid of being betrayed by a friend. Well, we will definitely regret not making enough friends when we get older.

10. Not Spending Enough Time With Your Loved Ones

Your time together is not infinite. So, make it count.

11. Not Being Able to Move On Quickly

You will probably dwell on why you couldn’t move on fast enough when you were younger. Instead, you wasted your time.

12. Failing to Be Active

Too many people spend their entire lives on the couch or chair. Are you one of them?

13. Never Quitting the Job that Made You Miserable

Day and night you complained about having the worst job. However, you never had the guts to quit it. That is why you will regret it when you get older.

14. Being Afraid to Fall in Love

Many fear of unreturned love. As a result, they find it easier to avoid the possibility of ever falling in love.

15. Being Completely Self-Absorbed

When you get older, you will definitely be embarrassed by it.

16. Never Giving Your Kids Enough Attention

When you get old, you will realize that you didn’t spend enough time with your kids when they were little. Well, now they are all grown up, and you will definitely regret not spending enough time with them.

17. Not Being Grateful

Very few people consider even the simplest things to be amazing. Well, the most mundane things in life are the best gift of all time.

18. Being Scared to Do Anything Fun

Are you afraid of leaving your comfort zone? Well, you will regret it when you get older.

19. Never Standing Up for Yourself

Never let anyone tell you that you are not worth it.

20. Not Taking Risks

Take a leap of faith, at least once in your lifetime. Otherwise, you will regret missing your chance.

21. Missing That One Chance to See the Band

Do you have a favorite musician you want to see? Well, make sure to listen them play live before you regret never seeing them.

22. Ignoring Your Parents’ Advice

It is infuriating to listen to what your parents are telling you. But, their advice will prove immensely helpful later in life.

23. Missing the Chance to Ask Your Grandfather or Grandmother a Question

Talk to your grandparents while you still have the chance to.

24. Never Performing on Stage

Maybe not all people will regret not being able to perform on stage, but many elderly wish they had done it when they were younger.

25. Not Leaving a Bad Relationship

Many people wish they had left a bad relationship sooner than they did.

26. Not Doing  Your Best At School

It is not only the grades, but the role you played at school.

27. Never Believing in Your Own Beauty

Many people are unhappy with the way they look. But, in truth, they are incredibly beautiful.

28. Neglecting Your Teeth

Take good care of your teeth before you get dentures.

29. Not Developing Network and Contacts

It may sound useless to build a network in contacts, but in the long run, that is how jobs are obtained.

30. Never Mastering a Cool Party Trick

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know them all?

31. Never Volunteering Enough

By helping people you will definitely feel whole again.

32. Not Learning a Different language

Many people take a break right after graduating. But, later in life, they will regret not doing anything unique.

33. Not Using Sunscreen

When people get older they get moles, wrinkles and other skin issues. Therefore, it is immensely important to get an adequate UV protection cream.

34. Not Learning to Cook

A good meal is always welcome. But, learning to cook for a party or yourself, can be much more.

35. Supporting Their Dreams Over Your Own

It is your time to shine. So, do something for yourself instead for someone else.

36. Being Defined by Cultural Expectations

Do not let them tell you what you can and can’t do. Otherwise, you will regret it when you get older.



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