5 Boxes Of Human Consciousness That We Need To Get Rid Of Now


As the society was evolving through years, we expect that today we finally came to a phase to live totally free and independent from others people will. Regardless of this, seems like nowadays, the limitations are rather psychological and spiritual, than physical. Social conditions mostly fail to protect peoples` best interests and they even act the opposite way in many cases.

We put ourselves in a condition to accept, in some way, the states of warfare, fear, environmental destruction, greed, corruption, poisoned health and false scarcity. We became hostages in the world we create. The path to ultimate freedom is to wake up and stand for new ideas which will allow us to apply the principles of peace sustainability, exploration, acceptance, and progress to improving the human condition.

To begin with, we have to realize the boundaries that keep as in shackles.

“There’s five essential boxes for human consciousness, there’s five things that shut human consciousness down. Five models that attempt to keep people rigidly inside of their walls. And if you’re inside these boxes, you’re not going to expand your awareness to understand the actual truth of what’s going on in our world.” ~Mark Passio

1. Politics

“If anybody identifies with left or right, conservative Republican, liberal Democrat, etc…” ~Mark Passio

Nowadays, one of the things that`s creating the largest division is the self-identification with a particular political party. Further on, this state leads to lower consciousness quality and weak character of the public mass, so it becomes easier for some interested parties to use these pressures, conflicts, and stresses in order to benefit financially. It`s happening everyday and everywhere right in front of our eyes.

2. Religion

Religion is created to control people way before political arrangements were established. Therefore, it represents the greatest trap of consciousness. Massive killings through the whole world are initiated because of this particular reason. Their postulates of living a better life after death serve as an excuse for participating in crimes. Thus, the acceptance of the possibility of living a better life after death puts a limit to the enthusiasm we invest in making our real life better.

Instead of bringing consolidation, we witness how this paradigm is used against us and causes a massive gap among people. For example, take the wars that have already started, because of religious prevailing. The global leaders are putting our lives in danger to face Islam against Christianity. If we allow this to happen, there will be no winner in this battle.


3. Scientism

“Not what I call real science, but what I call ultra rigid skepticism in the form of quote/unquote science, that’s peddled for modern science in today’s world.” ~Mark Passio

Even the science, which we all believe should be exact and represent the ultimate truth, is turning to be a religion of sorts. This is the result of a weird process that`s happening in modern society, where science is mixed with egos, corporate and monetary influence, and peer view. We are moving in direction of stifling the human progress. Whit this kind of science, people don`t have room for ideas which challenge long-held assumptions.

Luckily, there are still rebel researchers like Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock to put a new light on the ideas about our ancestry and development, and where are we heading to. Unfortunately, their ideas are continuously criticized by the rigid scientific world which pushes wholesale skepticism as affable quality.

“Science places itself on a pedestal and assures everyone it has dispassionately arrived at its conclusions. Meanwhile, however, it is full of assumptions, denials and limitations, and makes the serious mistake of presenting its theories as facts. The errors of mainstream science are gladly seized upon by technocrats, eager to use science and technology to further their own ambitions of control… ~Makia Freeman

4. The New Age Movement

A relatively new prison for the human consciousness is in sight, the New Age Movement. They build their postulates on ideas that represent the complete opposite of science. So, putting aside all the scientifically proved facts, their beliefs are directed in feel-good assumptions.

This movement is led by these 10 principles of human behavior:

1. Ignore the “Negative”

2. Never Get Angry

3. It’s All One, So it’s All Good

4. You Can Never Really Know

5. Accept Injustice, Never Resist

6. A Watered-Down Law of Attraction

7. Turning the Other Cheek (it evens out the scars!)

8. Chaos Should Be Feared

9. We Must Feel Good all the Time

10. Truth Doesn’t Need to be Defended

~Mark Passio

5. The Monetary System – The General Belief in Money

Nowadays, people give more meaning to money than anything else life can offer. The boundaries are set not as a result of the actual existence of the money, but with peoples` belief in money. It seems like we`ve fallen into our own trap and we can`t escape easily. As a result, countless schemes, scams, fiat systems, debt-enslavement programs, frauds, and thefts are consuming our energy and time. This situation leads to nowhere, but in our own fiasco.

The monetary system today became a platform, which the ruling elites are using for controlling the international system of manipulation. A monopoly position is served to whomever that is able to create money, without the need of generating real value.

Final Thoughts

Acknowledging the limits of human consciousness, which in general were established by ourselves, is the first step in understanding the chaos, conflicts, and division that we live in today.  With all this being said, in this communication era, it takes more than a strong will to continue living within these five boxes.

“It’s much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled — such is the nature of confirmation bias and other psychological tools of manipulation. Breaking free of the ancient, historical ‘constant’ of mind control is an ongoing process of waking up out of a state of denial. Spiritual emergence and awakening involves a physiological break from the consensus social agreements of our planetary cultures.” ~Karlos Kukuburra

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