6 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together (#4 is so Often Overlooked)

First of all, let’s agree on one thing: being in love is one of the most magical experiences that can happen in our lives. This questions usually appear when you meet someone new:

– Should I stay or should I go?
– Is she/he the RIGHT one?
– Are we compatible enough?
– Is it possible that this one could be my soulmate?

Let’s make this clear: you should be aware that in the very beginning you can’t always know if you are truly meant for each other. But, also you should know that these things are could be very simple – you just need to open up your heart to what’s in front if you. The following 6 signs usually appear when you are simply destined to be together. So, beware and don’t ignore them!

You Respect Each Other
Yes, this is the key to every relationship. Mutual appreciation is something that requires a mature level of honesty, respect, and trust. The way you behave with someone in a relationship tells a lot about you. And once you come to that state of true mutual respect, you will feel free to share things that you wouldn’t tell anyone. After all, it’s all about trust. If you are in a relationship that makes you feel secure and safe, that means you did found your match.

You Share The Same Interests
If you and your loving partner have the same hobbies, if you share the same passion for sports, arts, or just some culinary delights, then you’re good to go. Having the same (or similar) interests will bring you joy and you’ll learn a lot trough the whole process. It is really important to do what you love – WITH the person that you love.

You Feel Free To Share Secrets With Each Other
So, did you told her/him about some of the greatest fears that you just can’t get over in life? Being able to share secrets with your partner will make your connection much stronger and you would feel much more comfortable and secure about everything else.  As said earlier, it’s all about trust and appreciation.

You Are Not Being Jealous
Of course, you do enjoy the time you spend together, but it is really important for both partners to know that you also need some private space. There is no place for jealousy in a relationship because, after you all – you still remain individuals. It is normal for you to spend time with your friends and apart from your partner because that’s how each time you could reconnect and that will be always rewarding. Don’t let co-dependency or possessiveness get to you. It’s okay to be with each other but also freedom of expression and separate interests are a must in every successful relationship.

You Know How To Fight Well
So, it is known that no couple is immune to arguing about almost everything. But it is really important to pick your battles and always try to come to a productive conclusion at the end of your fight. Doesn’t matter the situation, you just have to learn something after every arguing. This puts your relationship on a big test. If you pass it, you’re practically meant for each other.

You Finish Each Other’s Sentences
Maybe this could sound a little bit cliche, but if you know your partner well enough to get to that point where you know what exactly is he thinking, it means that you’re truly meant to each other. It means that you will be free to be yourselves and there is nothing better than being in a relationship with someone who loves you just the way you are.

Thank you for your time. Don’t hesitate to share this article and of course: spread the love, but also be careful!

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