If You Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Might Naturally Be A Genius

Have you ever considered that you might actually be a genius? It’s true.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as intellectually superior, but it’s quite possible that you could posses a lot of characteristics that some people of high intelligence do. It appears that many people who are geniuses have habits, personality traits and behaviors in common.

If you do posses any of the 7 signs bellow, it is very possible that you’re actually much smarter thank you think:

1. You Are Curious About Pretty Much Everything
Do you enjoy reading about a variety of subjects, keep track of variety of blogs and you find yourself running to the internet just to find answers for a random questions that pop into your head all the time? Do you like doing every kind of experiments just to find out what happens, even if they are as simple as mixing an ingredients in a recipe?

Geniuses are always curious people. They are constantly asking question and they are not afraid to seek for the answers till the very end.

2. You Often Talk To Yourself
So yes, it is true. If you’re often being caught how you talk to yourself, you shouldn’t be worried; this can definitely be sign that you’re a genius.
When your mind is constantly working, sometimes it is hard to think everything trough without verbalizing. If the process is more complex, then it is more likely (and it’s quite normal) that you will speak to yourself, or just mumble some words under your breath.

3. You Read Constantly
A lot of people like to read. The difference is: geniuses are obsessed with it.

Some really intelligent people may focus on a single genre like science fiction or manga. Others enjoy more when they read materials from a very wide variety of subjects, and that includes both fiction and nonfiction. But, no matter what your reading priorities are, if you bookshelves are quite full and you’re trying to read new things and to constantly consume knowledge, then you do tilt heavily into the genius category.

4. You Like To Challenge Your Own Intellect
Do you like to spend a lot of time playing with your logic, or you play word and trivia games just to train (and more importantly: to test!) your brain? If so, you should know that now you do have at least one thing in common with a lot of highly intelligent people.

Many geniuses are working on crossword or sudoku puzzles, maybe even just as impulsively and often as other people are checking their Facebook pages.

5. You Are Forgetful 
Extremely high intelligent people often fulfill their minds with a lot of complicated and complex things and they are always preoccupied with their own ideas and projects. Of course, the result of this is very simple: it so happens that a lot of common-sense things go out of the window.

So, this is why exactly some bright individuals are often entering a room and just all of a sudden forget why the’re there. Also, smart people from time to time lose things and they forget about (important?) appointments.

6. You Have A Checkered Past 
Of course you’ve read about all those tortured geniuses that used alcohol or drugs to cope. So, this is not far from the truth.

It won’t take long for you to create a long list of artists, scientists, writers or other highly creative people who have struggled with various kinds of addiction. Some of them use alcohol or drugs because that helps them to cope with the difficulties they are surrounded. Others simply used these ‘tools’ just because it builds their desire to have new experiences.

But nonetheless, doing this kind of things can be really unhealthy for you. But, if you did some past experimentation, you should know that this is something that geniuses often do.

7. You Are Worried All The Time And You Overthink Things
Maybe you would assume that geniuses are full of confidence, because after all – they are geniuses.

Well, you’re a bit wrong. The truth is – they can often be full of doubts. The reason for that is, of course, because they know no answer is simply black and white and that problematic categories like truth and knowledge continually evolves and grows. Also, this can lead as well to feelings like the inability to deal with a certain situation or with life in general, and having a lack of confidence.

After you read this, you could think that if you’ve already tested your IQ and the results showed that you are not a genius, think this trough again.

Firstly, if you took some of the free online tests, you should feel free to throw all the results in the bin can.
Also, even if your IQ has been checked professionally, the results are surely not taking in consideration a lot of bits of intelligence or possible difficulties with the test that could skew your results.

If nothing else, you could benefit from just treating yourself like a highly intelligent man. That will help you build your creativity and curiosity, and as well the desire to learn new things all the time.

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