Discover Your Personality: Choose the Real Mother of the Child

The results of the test reveal two sets of personalities. As you can see on this picture, two women are sitting opposite one another in a room while a very young child is playing on the floor.

You need to determine the following: who is the child’s real mother? There is only one answer and the option you’ll choose will reveal a lot about your personality.

Proceed with the test below…


Seventy percent have opted for this solution to the test. It is incorrect. You might not have been mentally prepared to analyse all the details in the picture.

Nevertheless, it might also be due to the fact that some of your characteristics are original and found only in you.

You are a creative being. Even since childhood, you had an inclination towards science or the crafts.

You carry the gift of imagination: you are a person who plastically visualises ideas before formulating them in words or drawings. Just like Nikola Tesla!

This is the reason why everyone readily accepted you as a friend – a vivid imagination is usually followed by a great sense of humour.

Your taste in music and art is also quite special and that makes your opinions valued in any social setting.

Additionally, there lies a great goodness in you, a true empathy even which renders your advice much sought for.

You are a very industrious and have all it takes to fulfil your ambitions.

Maybe you do not fall amongst the brightest people in the world, but your bravery, focus and hard work had made you succeed. Homemaking is set firmly as your top priority and there iz zero doubt you will do all in your power to make it a reality, if you have not made it already.

And in the end, you fully appreciate money.

Of course anyone can get sad, but it is quite better to be crying in a Bentley than in a Prius.


A playing toddler always assumes position facing their parents, subconsciously seeking for their approval or guidance. You have chosen the correct answer.

This is proof of having an intelligence much greater than what you have always believed.

The left hemisphere of your brain is greatly developed. It contains the cognitive centres. Now you can remember how often you were the first person to know the answer to any question given in class.

Your cold ratio renders you a useful practical consultant without having to compromise on your sociable side and people skills because you are aware that communication is what refreshes your experience and gives you wisdom.

Additionally, besides your straightforward sense of humour, you are very honest and the right person to turn to for keeping a secret.

You are also a loving person: in romantic affairs you were the one who was pursued, because your levelheadedness makes you extremely appealing and irresistible.

Your fantasy adventure would consist of a trip with people close to your heart. However, at times when you need self-reflection you are known to withdraw just like a hermit.


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