The Easiest 5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person

Picture this: It is your very first day at college, you meet a friend that happens to be your roommate, you spend a very good quality time with him making hundreds of endless conversations, and all of a sudden you realize that he is fake. He spreads your secrets shamelessly and he talks around about all the bad things that you truthfully shared with him. Well, you should know that this scenario is quite possible. Sometimes there are people in our lives for whom we think they are nice, but in reality they are the very opposite, they are just toxic people who obviously doesn’t deserve our attention. To put it simple, they are fake and all this time they just pretended to be trustworthy and nice.

Friendship indeed is important category in our lives. But how to distinguish between the “good” and the “bad”? This easy list will help you spot which ones are truly nice in comparison with the ones are fake and are just good at pretending all the time:

1) They Will Accept The “Crazy” You
Are you maybe too loud when you’re out in public or you do posses some weird dance moves? We all have some kind of traits that may seem quite odd for other people, but not to that person you call a friend! Real friends will never sneer at your weirdness and they will accept you just the way you are.

2) Even If They Are Busy, They’ll Give You Time
Yes, people that are you real friends do that. They do care for giving you important and vital place in their lives. Despite the busy schedule, they will always try to find time for you. They will join you for a drink or two or just walk with you for a while, even after those days that could seem very long and tiring. Everything in moderation, though. So, maybe not every single day!

3) They Always Forgive and Forget
Of course sometimes we do make mistakes, after all we are only humans. But a good friend will always tend to find understanding about you and the bad decisions that you make sometimes. The fake friend will probably just make you point out your faults, one way or the other.

4) No Matter What, They Will Stay In Touch With You
Friendships on a long distance could be complicated just like long distance love relationships. A real friend will give his best to text you, call you, send you some silly pictures or call you via skype once in a while.

5) They Will Accept Your Choices
And they won’t criticize them no matter what. If they are really genuine, they will find the will to support your life goals, your choices and your ambitions.

While you are trying to embrace your real friends, this is a list on how you can find out which ones are the fake ones:

1) They Want To Be Prioritized 
There really are people out there who would do everything just to feel like they are the most important people in your life. But this won’t go both ways.

2) Gosssiping Is Their Favorite Past Time
They will fulfill your head with complete nonsense about other people. Just back-bitching them all the time. But really, think this trough: don’t you feel like the must have done the same to you as well?

3) They Are Being Sarcastic Without No Reason
They will give their best to get what they want from you. From time to time, (or more often) they will use sarcasm to  insult you and make you feel bad.

4) They Are Being Competitive With You
For these kinds of people, everything is a competition. They want to believe that they are the best, and more importantly – that they are always better than you. They have their ways. Whether if it’s just some new clothes, academic successes or a promotion at your work place, they will always find the way you to make you feel like you’re ‘under’ them.

5) They Will Always Let You Down
Also, they have their own ways of letting you down, no matter the complexity of the situation. First, they tend to make plans and promises with you, but afterwards they will never stand on their word. If you try to do some kind of business with them, they could attack you verbally.

Ok, you do know now. Take care and be careful.

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