FBI Shares: Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Dangerous?

So many articles have been written about the zodiac signs, such as: “Gemini is a two-faced sign, Virgos never forgive, Aries are determined” etc. But this is something different, these are some real statistics! Birth dates of serial killers and people with psychopathic behavior were shared by the FBI and as you assume from the statistics we can see which zodiac sign is inclined to which type of crime.


Let’s find out which sign is the most psycho one!

1. Everyone thinks that the people who are born under Gemini sign are bad and two-faced, but the true is that they are the least dangerous!

They can’t take anybody seriously enough to harm them or kill them. As a replacement for killing, they prefer endless talking to hurt people who are extremely boring. It makes sense, right?2.

2.Aquarius is the second most guiltless star sign!

It’s not very clear why Aquarius is the second most innocent zodiac sign after Gemini. Maybe it is because they are so smart to not leave evidences after the crime they commit and that is how they don’t get caught and arrested.

3. Aside from the fact that they are just being cats, Leos always try their best to stay out of trouble. The statistics show that when Leos commit murder, it is mainly to provoke attention. That’s terrific!

4. Libras are known to be patient, kind, mild mannered, calm, fair and easy going, but people born under this sign commit more murders than Leos and people who are born under Aquarius sign. But, even patience has its limits. Libras generally become violent when other people try to take advantage of their kind intentions.

5. These people who are born under Virgo sign have a little psycho in them and they are very smart and neat murderers. However, Virgos prefer fraud and theft, rather than killing.

6. You are quite wrong if you think Pisces people are lovely and cute. Some of the most famous serial killers like Aileen Wuornos – with her sad story, John Wayne Gacy – Killer Clown and Richard Ramirez are born under Pisces sign. Pisces people generally commit more remarkable murders as a result of their tendency toward addiction.

7. Even though the number of Capricorn serial killers is quite average, the serial killer who murdered most people is born under Capricorn sign. Capricorn people don’t murder often, but they go all the way when they do. They shouldn’t be pissed off despite the fact that they are known for their respect for rules and laws.

8. Aries people are well known to be crazy. They become angered suddenly and unexpectedly, but it doesn’t last long. That is why Aries is fifth on this list. If you piss someone who is born under Aries sign, you better stay away from them for a while. Before you know it, they will forget about the thing that made them mad and crazy.

9. Taurus people prefer fraud more than murder. They can express extreme anger intensively when they are pissed off.

10. Third on our list are Sagittarius people. They don’t waste time on small-scale individual crimes, they go for bigger crimes and mass murders. Famous people born under this sign are: Pablo Escobar, Stalin, Ted Bundy etc. They present themselves as the “leaders”.

11. Scorpios takes the second place on the list, so that means they are official psychos. So many serial killers were born in November and they are known to kill in a sadistic way.

12. Surprisingly, the first place on our list are people born under Cancer sign. They normally kill because of jealousy and their rapid changes in mood cause trouble.

We dream of a world where all the stars signs can live peacefully.


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