Flat-Earthers Think The Solar Eclipse Proved Them Right

As your news feed slowly starts to die down with news about this week’s solar eclipse, hundreds of scientists around the world are sifting through their freshly collected data and discoveries. And so is the globe’s flat-Earth community. Queue the X-Files theme tune.

Before the eclipse, flat-Earthers were hopeful the phenomenon would poke holes in the heliocentric consensus, unmask the truth, dispose of the charade, and we could all happily live on our disc(world). Now the day has come and passed, how do they feel?

You might think that literally seeing the Moon eclipse the Sun would be enough to convince someone that the Earth orbits the Sun and that the Moon revolves around the Earth. However, many appear more confident and engaged than ever before.

Rapper B.o.B took to Twitter to broadcast some skepticism about the total solar eclipse. He sarcastically tweeted: “It’s so amazingly beautiful how the moon isn’t visible before and after a total solar eclipse #SolarEclipse17 #FknScienceBro… so when the moon finally scoots over, will i be able to see it ???”

When asked what is causing the solar eclipse if it wasn’t the moon, he just replied “Rahu”, referencing the mythological figures Rahu and Ketu used by the ancient Vedic culture to explain astronomical events.


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