What Koko The Gorilla Says in LESS than 2 min. HUMANITY needs to Take EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY!

Mother Nature: If We Lose Her, We Lose Ourselves!

Everything that is essential for us to survive: our water, our food, our livelihoods in general – they all come from the nature. The sad think is that we are taking much more than our fair share.

We go even further and we are destroying the best defense that stands in the way of climate change – because nature itself is at the very center of the most effective and immediate solutions to many problems that we face today like curbing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing our resilience to extreme weather events.

The challenges that are in front of nature’s rivers, oceans and forests affect us all at the same time – and really, saving the nature should be our true priority because that’s the only way we could save ourselves.

The campaign is made by a french NGO called Noe and it clearly states the message #NatureSeeYou

Liam Nesson, Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts also worked on this topic and their contribution is really helpful because it raises awarness of the subject on an even more wider scale.

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