The Lie We Live… It Was An Eye Opener For Me! You Must See This Video!

Through years people were struggling to provide themselves with the unique feeling that freedom brings along. From all the creatures on our planet, humans, as being the most consciousness of all, have created a unique opportunity to make decisions. Freedom for a human means a free course to provide guiding the future by himself.

This is currently demoralized by the companies that managed to establish control under the nonrenewable resources. They created a way to keep us controlled. So, currently, we are manipulated by the giants of the capitalistic markets.

If we put a different light on the situation, the imagination isn`t submissive. It`s a way to protect our freedom, besides the fact that someone still tries to reduce it or kill it completely. On the other hand, the media constantly places information that seduces us to believe that we are the principals of our actions, while the cruel truth is: the freer we are, the more slaves we become.

The world currently suffers from the illness of modern society: global recession, pollution, climate change, nuclear weapons, enormous inequity, hunger, terrorism and much more.

In the video below, made by Freshtactical, you can see in the face of the chaos that the humanity is living in. We all thought we had a great start, but realizing the situation we are in today, if we don`t make radical changes our future is dark as night.


If you have seen the Matrix movie, you may remember Agent Smith saying: “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.” Humankind is the single specie from all our planet that destroys it, although we all realize our lives depend on it. We are hiding from responsibilities to give back to nature and embrace changes. Thus, we`re marionettes in the hands of the giant companies.


This video reminds me so much of what Woody Harrelson said in this video…


If you watch the whole video you`ll find the inspiration you need to change your life! Listen carefully to every word and let your mind wandering…



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