This Map Will Help You Track Every Space Mission In The Solar System

There is no doubt that exploration of space is quite fascinating. The ExoMars 2016 spacecraft that is meant to search for life signs on Mars was launched yesterday. NASA did share its plan of visiting Europa that is expected to support human life in the Solar System. No wonder the chief scientist of NASA believes that we might be able to spot alien life in up to 30 years from now, provided that the exploration continues.

The question is, how does one continue to track such missions to space? Folks from Pop Chart Lab designed a fascinating map that shows the exploration of space to this date. To be more precise, this ranges from all the way back from 1959 to 2015. The amenities on offer with this poster range from various landers to exploratory probes. If you pay close attention to the poster, you will notice that most of the machines do not get past the orbit of the Earth. The boundaries of Earth are marked by crowded lines which pertain to some explorer or a space probe of some sort.

Though, upon getting further away from the Earth, viewers will notice lesser explorers and realize exactly how far humans have traveled in the Solar System. The poster also features hand illustrated versions of the spacecraft that are juxtaposed against the planets in the Solar System. To put it simply, this simply lends credence to the distance that humanity has covered in the Solar System. Pop Chart Lab cover comprehensive details and quotes about this on their own website.

Many folks have spent hours in an attempt to sort the paths of flight that their favourite spaceships have taken. It is quite interesting to note that so many of these managed to circle around Jupiter on their way. If this entices you, head over to the Pop Chart Lab website and preorder a poster to put up in your room. Check out the full size image here.

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