Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, And More

In comparison to some places, towns that shut down in order for everybody to go home for a quick nap in the afternoon, the U.S.  is more focused on the fast paced and corporate way of living rather than the healthy, so people napping in the afternoon are considered lazy or they have the luxury to do so.
But wait before you fill yourself with guilt for napping in the middle of the day, or sleeping half way through a movie. Don’t worry, napping is a natural phenomenon that is good for you.

As we know, even if we get a good night sleep, we still get tired and lose focus in the middle of the day. In our modern way of living this can be a slight problem, but for our ancestors, this could’ve meant life or death.
Whatever it is that you doing, whether Is working from home on a project or looking for a job, a nap can go a long way in recharging our batteries and reviving our alertness.

What’s interesting is the fact that big companies like Google and Apple actually allow their employees to take a nap. Also, many studies have shown that short naps can increase our alertness and productivity.
And come on, who can say that they wouldn’t want a boss that lets you have a nap time?

The University of Colorado Boulder made a study which shows that children as well as adults show less interest and have more anxiety when they miss their afternoon nap.

One hour of napping is proven to be very beneficial in our everyday tasks. Also, it can help and increase our ability to think, learn, memorize. Naps stimulate and exhilarate our brains with new space because the short term memory is cleared out.


Experts show that the so-called ‘power nap’ lasting 10 to 20 minutes, is the best way of boosting your energy, it can help your vigilance and refresh your mind. Because is not a long and deep nap, it really allows you to go back to what you were doing earlier.

30 minutes of nap time is the same as sleeping for one hour, but 1 hour is good for refreshing your memory.

And for people who can’t get a good enough sleep at night, a 90 minutes nap can really go a long way, improving creativity and brain flow.

To sum up, naps are a great way to help and improve our mental, emotional and physical state. The main thing is to have a good night sleep and additionally an afternoon snooze.

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