How the position you sleep in with your partner reveals the strength of the relationship

New analysis shows that the position we sleep is very revealing about our relationships and who we are as human beings. As an example, if you sleep on your back, it usually means that you are strong and silent person, and if you sleep on your stomach, it means that you are a very open minded, playful and sociable person. As a matter of fact it’s quite interesting. While we are sleeping our unconscious minds take over. For this reason, our and our partner’s body language while we sleep can be a remarkably specific way to figure it out what is going on in our relationship. Are you more of a cuddling type or someone that has a tendency to wake on the other side of the bed? Many psychologists and experts agree to have studies on this subject and they have exposed few popular sleeping positions and some secrets behind them. According to a study of 1,000 people, the answer is the distance between the couple. Couples who sleep an inch or less apart are far more probable to be happy together than those couples who sleep more than 30 inches apart. Also, couples who make physical contact during the night are happier than those who don’t touch. The study is published today at the Edinburgh International Science Festival by Samuel Dunkell, a psychiatrist. He found people who lie with their back curved and their legs and arms close to their chest in “full fetal” position are probably anxious, sensitive to criticism and indecisive. Those who lay in a “semi fetal” position are amenable to compromise, doubtful to take extreme stances and conciliatory. People who lay fully on the back in “royal” position have a tendency to be open, sensation seeking, confident and expansive. And those who lay on their face in “prone” position tend to be perfectionists and overly-rigid people. This research showed that 42% of partners sleep back to back and 31% are laying in the same direction and only 4% face each other. About 34% make physical contact with their partner, 12% lay an inch or less apart and 2% lay more than 30 inches apart. Partners who fall asleep touching and make physical contact, show a tendency to be more happy if they are face to face than if they “spoon” their other halves, or face in opposite ways. Those who don’t touch, most of the happy couples are face to face, over those who are facing each other or sleep back to back. Professor Richard Wiseman, psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire led this study and said that 94% of partners who spent the night in contact with each other were very satisfied and happy with their relationship, unlike 68% of partners that didn’t touch. This is the first research that examines couples sleeping positions and the outcome allows people to gain an understanding into someone’s behavior and personality, and relationship. Professor Wiseman’s findings show that partners who sleep very close to each other are probably extroverts. He has also written a book about his work – “Night School”.

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