Saturn’s North Pole Just Changed Color And Nobody Knows Why

As we know, our planet has been dealing with doomsday issues and in addition to that Saturn changed colors and no one knows for certain why that happened. Particularly, Saturn’s north pole as Gizmodo states could wash down our entire planet. Since 2004, a probe called Cassini Imaging Team has been circling the planet.

Scientist using the images sent from Cassini have been tracking the shifting of the hexagonal pole (Saturn’s north pole) Based on the images, a hexagonal pole is changing colors, it was blue in 2012 and now it progressed into bright gold. Scientist believes that accumulating haze particles could be starting this alarming change.

While it may seem strange for such an immense planet to change colors so quickly, between 1995 and 2009, Saturn’s north pole become increasingly dark.

This was a result of less sunlight hitting the planet to react with the atmosphere’s molecular components.

Now that the Saturn’s northern pole is leaning back towards the sun rising amounts of light are inflaming more of these photochemical reactions, and in return generating more bright gold haze.

As frightening as these color changes may seem from our miniature marble, we may just start to understand Saturn’s natural seasonal cycles- but in order to fully figure it out, it will take decades, maybe centuries. Meanwhile, we can acknowledge Saturn as being the biggest mood ring in our cosmic system.

Nasa image

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