This Amazing Google Project Is So Futuristic You Won’t Be Able To Understand It

This Google Project is incredibly stunning!

You better get ready to lift your jaw off the floor.

It looks like the technology is moving forward really fast and every single day we are so much closer to the sci-fi future that has been predicted in so many movies and novels.

A video made by Google shows a glimpse of how the future might look like. Google has introduced an amazing product called Project Soli, that uses up to date radar technology that can detect movements to such a detailed level that you could us some very subtly finger movements in order to control it.

It Might Look Something Like THIS:


This advanced technology can capture 10.000 frames in a second, which is quite an extraordinary level of information processing to be put into a chip of this size.

“What is most exciting about it is that you can shrink the entire radar and put it into a tiny chip,” Ivan Poupyrev, Project Soli Founder said in a YouTube video.

“That’s what makes this approach so promising: it’s extremely reliable. There is nothing to break, no moving part, no lenses, just a piece of sand on a board.”

Find Out More About This Amazing Project:

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