Scientists Discovered A New State Of Water, Proving How Much We Still Don’t Know

According to the new discovery, teachers may have to add another liquid state to the traditional three phases of water – solid ice, liquid, and gas.
In a paper for the International Journal of Nanotechnology, researchers conferred the fourth state short while ago. They learned that when the water is heated between 122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (or 50 and 60 degrees Celsius), its physical properties go thru a change which can’t be simply classified.

Going back for a second, as you know from grade school, states of matter have to do with the arrangement of atoms and molecules and that depends on the amount of energy present or lack of it.
If we simplify it, the atoms become more disorganized when the temperature is higher so there for the energy is higher.
If the temperature is cooler that means that there is less energy and that’s why water molecules are more organized in a solid ice stage than in vapor.

As it states in the paper, the researchers discovered a surprising glitch in the physical properties of the water once it reaches 122 degrees Fahrenheit, a change in the structure that seemed to be an extra less atomically organized liquid phase.
There need to be follow-up experiments the prove the second liquid state.
The importance of water is enormous because it plays a crucial role in the development of our organism and it’s fundamentally important to understand how it operates. Maybe now it’s not such a groundbreaking discovery, but someday water’s fourth state may change the world in a small or big way.

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