What You See First in These Pictures May Reveal Your Subconscious Fear

Fear occurs as a natural response to something that we perceive as being threatening or dangerous, but not everyone’s source of anxiety stems from the same place. We acquire fears throughout our lives, which can make our subconscious associate unrelated things as triggers for these unwelcome feelings.

These three illustrations speak to our subconscious fears through what we notice first when observing them. Start by looking at the above painting, “Butterfly Apple” by surrealist artist Vladimir Kush. What about the painting jumps out at you first? Below will reveal what you may subconsciously fear by what immediately grabbed your visual attention.

The Knife: If you noticed the knife first, it suggests that you subconsciously fear terminal illness without knowing it. Many who see the knife first share the same fear of suffering and the worry that they could pass at any given moment.

The Caterpillar: Those who notice the caterpillar right away are said to have a subconscious fear of the paranormal. This fear of ghosts, also known as phasmophobia, affects those who believe potential entities are of a malevolent nature.

The Butterfly: Noticing the butterfly first means that you may have a subconscious fear of betrayal. Usually, those who take note of the butterfly have been crossed more than once in the past and have an underlying dread that it will happen again.

The Apple: If you spotted the apple first, this means that you have a subconscious fear of your loved ones dying. This is usually common for those who have already lost someone close them and can’t bear the thought of experiencing that pain again.


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