Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed

Unfortunately, many of us haven’t really realized that something exceptional and extraordinary is happening.

Just a couple of months ago, I have freed myself from the standard-procedure society. I managed to break the chains of fear that somehow kept me locked up into the system and since that moment I started seeing the world from a totally different perspective: I realized that everything is going through change, even if most of us are not completely aware of that.

So, why is the world changing? I’ll try to point out 8 reasons that led me this point of view.


Every day we try to reach our limits, but the truth is that people who are working for huge corporations can’t really stand their jobs and it mostly because they can’t see the purpose of it.

That’s why they always feel like dropping everything. For example, take a quick look at how many people actually are willing to risk entrepreneurship, people that are living on sabbaticals or people with depression that is on one way or another – work related. Just take a look how many of them are there.


With the huge explosion of startups that happened in the recent years, many entrepreneurs have turned their garages into offices in order to try to bring their million-dollar ideas to life. And when they manage to find an investor that is willing to help their project, they feel like they have won the World Cup.

But the question is, what really happens after you get funded?

You get back to being an employee once again. Sometimes you are forced to work with people that doesn’t really agree with your purpose or dream, and really soon it’s all about the money where the financial end is the only thing that matters and that’s the main driver of your business.

That’s the main reason why some really great startups can not find their place in the money-seeking model.


A lot of people have realized that it’s not really smart if you decide to go only by yourself. A lot of people have figured out that ‘each man for himself’ is a mentality that can’t bring you a lot of success.

Just take a moment and think this trough. Don’t you think that it is a bit absurd that 7 billion of us are living on the same planet, and yet we have grown just further apart from each other?

Luckily, things are slowly changing and people are finally realized that sharing, collaborative economy concepts have to be implemented in order to make something happen. That’s the idea of sharing, helping and togetherness.


If it is used in the right way, internet can be really spectacular and powerful tool that can help us understand the world better. It’s like a window to the world where all barriers are falling and the separation ends at the moment when togetherness starts. The birth of collaborations is happening and the help emerges.

But internet can be also used like a tool for mass control. The huge media groups have found a way to control the news by how it suits them best. But the important part is that it doesn’t have to be that way! On the internet, the small are no longer speechless and their voices matter. You can choose what you want to read and explore, while taking into consideration what is useful for you, and what is just a lie that keeps you far away from the truth. The internet is the place where all people from the world can come together.


For so long we were victims of consumerism. We were manipulated into buying every single new product – the latest Iphone, the newest amazing car, the top brands, clothes and everything else.

We don’t have to do this anymore. Many people have realized that this is not the right way to go. Lowsumerism, slow life and slow food are just a very few types of action that are happening while we speak and they are pointing out the contradiction of how absurdly we have to come in order to organize ourselves.

But lately, fewer people are using cars and also fewer people are overspending their money. People have realized that they can swap clothes, they can share assts, apartments and they can buy used goods.

Because the truth is that we don’t really need all of the things they told us to do. Only this state of mind can stop the huge corporations who think that they can control our lives.


It is insane how as long as it tastes good, we will accept any food that is available. There are many companies that were literary poisoning our food, and yet we decided to do nothing about it.

But in the recent past, people have finally started to wake up and they realized that if we eat healthier and organic, we will have more strength and a lot of benefits.

If we change our mindset, our unhealthy eating habits and in general our way of consuming, all those huge corporations will have to adapt to the new market and that’s how we can send the message that we want the best for ourselves – and we will refuse to buy anything that is not healthy for us! Not anymore!

Also, many people started planting seeds and plants inside their homes. That’s the only way you can be sure that they are truly changing their unhealthy eating habits.


How many yoga-lovers do you know? Also, do you know some people that are into meditation? Of course, you do. But just take a moment and think back, let’s say – 10 years ago. Back in the day, not many people were brave enough to do this kinds of things because spirituality for too long was exclusively for esoteric people – those weird-like mystic folks.

On the bright side, things are not like that anymore. People started realizing that we can’t simply figure out everything that goes on around here only with our conscious mind. We have to urge to understand how life operates, what happens after we die, how our thoughts can be materialized in order to create our sense of reality and so on…

If you are curious by nature, you should try some of these things. Some companies are already trying to implement this. Even some school are teaching the young people about the meditation concepts. Just take a moment and think about it.


Okay, so, who the hell created this specific teaching model? Why should someone chose the classes that you have to take? Also, why sometimes in school they teach us the wrong history?

We don’t have to follow this specific set of rules. We don’t have to take that test in order to prove that we actually learned something.

But lately, many people are sick of this concept and that’s why they started homeschooling, hack-schooling and un-schooling.

People have woken up and realized that it is hard to survive in this kind of society. That’s why they were forced to do something about it.

There is something extraordinary happening and this is just the start. The start of developing new concepts that will make us more free as a human beings. It already started, and you should be part of the change. Just do it!


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