The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe

The soul’s immortality or whether it dies with the person is an endless discussion between great minds for centuries. For years this subject has been a fascinating one in many different areas of science, but today’s researchers have put their minds together and discovered a new truth: “The soul doesn’t die, it goes back to the universe.”

For about two decades, two physicists, Dr. Stuart Hameroff from the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology and Sir Roger Penrose from Oxford University, have worked together on a theory of matter and energy based on quanta (quantum theory). The basis of their “controversial” theory is that the human soul is contained by the brain cells in microtubules.

The two researchers strongly stand by their theory and claim that the human brain is identified as a “biological computer”  in which there is a program “consequences of humans” placed inside the brain that continues to exist after the human dies. Additionally to better explain this, the both physicists state what we as humans interpret “consciousness”  is actually the result of “quantum gravity effects”, which are stationed with in so-called “microtubules”.

This method is called “Orchestrated Objective Reduction” and the name was given by the two scientists.

The experts explain: when a person enters a phase called “clinical death” , the quantum state of microtubules is lost, but they keep the information which is contained in them – in other words after a person’s death the soul goes back to the universe and doesn’t die.


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