Tesla’s $3,000 Power wall Will Let Households Run Entirely On Solar Energy!

The long wait is over! A home battery and utility-scale battery that will power future homes are finally announced by Tesla.

We’ve heard only rumors about this new battery earlier in February from Elon Mask’s discussion during a teleconference, but it wasn’t fully explained and detailed.

In September of last year, Tesla announced its plans for building a new Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada. The total spent on this project will be roughly $5 billion dollars, and $62 million has been spent so far. In 2017 Tesla intends to start building lithium-ion batteries at this place. The lithium-ion battery technology is being placed to be the front runner in emerging energy storage

that will also supply supplementary electricity. Is our long-established electric grid threatened by this technology? These new batteries in combination with the quickly extending residential solar market present thrilling new opportunities for people living off the grid.


(photo Jacqueline Ramseyer/SVCN/August 27, 2013)
Tesla showroom at Santana Row. Tesla is taking over the 10,880 square-foot Acura dealership on the stretch of El Camino Real known as Sunnyvale Auto Row.


A company led by Musk and ran by his cousin Lyndon Rive, named SolarCity, has teamed up with Tesla. SolarCity was established in 2006, it has more than 160.000 costumers and controls nearly 40% of the residential solar market. This company designs, manufactures, sells, installs and maintains solar energy systems and panels for all three commercial, residential and government applications, rents them for cheaper than what we pay on our electricity bill and also sell excess energy back to local utilities. Creating this model resulted in success for SolarCity. Today, Tesla batteries are installed mainly in commercial buildings and they allow them to keep in reserve surplus energy throughout peak time. This has proved to cut off 20-30 % of electricity bills. SolarCity nowadays is running a pilot project with nearly 500 homes in California which are supplied with around 2 days of power in case of a power outage by using 10-kilowatt-hour battery packs.

Tesla motors have proved that except making cars they can also make other incredible things: electric cars, inexpensive wireless internet, space exploration and currently home batteries.

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