He Wakes Up From A Coma After 12 Years… Then He Revealed THIS Chilling Secret!

It is quite terrifying when we think about what happens after we die and that is why we enjoy reading about stories that make us seriously think about how should we live our lives and about our existence here on Earth.
After all, it may be easy to lose hope if someone close to you is suffering for a very long period of time and even doubt whether they’d be better off letting go.
That’s precisely what happened to 12-year-old Martin Pistorius from South Africa.
Martin, at the age of 12, came home with a sore throat which proved to be a preliminary to a health crisis for 12 long years. His physical and mental health quickly worsen which resulted in inability to speak and walk. Cryptococcal meningitis was the probable cause, but doctors were never able diagnose his condition. For about two years toward his illness, his mind began to “wake up” but no one by his side knew that because he couldn’t communicate. Martin was trapped in his body for 12 years. He stated that he was very aware about his surroundings but felt trapped in his powerless body. He even heard his mother say she hopes he will die, but he understood that she was heartbroken and powerless watching her son lay there, quietly suffering. Even though most of the staff at the clinic were extremely nice and kind to him, he told that some of them were heartless and cruel, calling him a “rubbish” and “obstacle”, without realizing that he could hear them. But after a period of time something changed, a special care worker who had a sincere interest in him gave Martin back his will to live. Firstly he learned to tell time by the sun and then, at the age of 26, he passed a test by recognizing pictures of different items with his eyes. After that he was able to communicate with computer program. Martin, still relying on a wheelchair to move around, with inability to speak normally, went on to get a job at the government office and also applied to university to study computer science with aspiration to start his own company. He is also learning to drive. In 2008, he met Joanna, a social worker and for them it was love at first smile. Now he is married and he is working as a web designer. He is moving with a wheelchair and speaking through a speech synthesizer. The couple lives in Britain. At first they decided not to have children, but now they are hoping to start a family. He started getting attention after he released “Ghost Boy”, his autobiography where Martin told his unbelievable story using device that tells the words he types into his computer. “Ghost Boy” is an incredible and heartbreaking story of a boy returning to life with the power of faith and love. To read about his appearance from his own darkness and how he never gave up, makes us celebrate our lives and helping others live a better life.

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