The Way You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Sitting positions can reveal a lot about people’s intentions, in the opinion of the psychologists. The fact is that we do that without realizing, it’s just a position that we feel the most comfortable in that moment. For that reason, the position shows our hidden instincts and desires. We will see the most common sitting positions and what they reveal.

Position A –  People who prefer sitting like this are charming, creative and sometimes a little bit childish. Sometimes they are thoughtless, but other people see them as happy and caring people. They speak before they think, but it is easy to communicate with them and they are not boring. Their easy-going-ness leads them to believe that problems will resolve themselves. At times, a method works and people are satisfied and happy, but at times not, so if that is the situation the problem is being pointed to someone else.

Position B – People who sit like this are dreamers. They have a big imagination and they dream big. They are called the “soul” of the team or the company. It’s never boring with them as they often create new and awesome ideas that cause other people to see the things from different point of view. These people are adventurers, love to travel and develop new friendships. They impatiently sit and wait for the New Year, or even Mondays in order to make a fresh start in their lives as everything can start at that particular moment, with no thinking about it. Don’t be shocked if they suddenly decide to change their state, city, business, partner or appearance.

Position C – These people know how to relax and be comfortable. They can be very choosy and it is irrelevant whether it’s about choosing the right clothes, perfume or cream. They are frequently surrounded by “chaos”, but in what others see as chaos, there is a perfectly logical system: they can find anything with their eyes closed. Their weakness is the lack of ability to concentrate for a longer period of time and sit still.

Position D – Those who prefer this sitting position are very smart, intelligent, punctual and sensitive. These people prefer to keep their feelings to themselves and feel uncomfortable if others express their feelings in a public place. Despite all that, they are open and direct and aren’t afraid to confront person or people who have done something wrong, and they can sometimes be seen as insolent.

Position E – These people believe that there are a time and place for everything. They are concentrated on their education and career and don’t rush to get married, have children and settle down. These people are also driven toward their life’s aim and they are known as persistent. Their dreams are big and they have high goals and are willing to work hard to achieve them. Their appearance is very important to them, they try hard to maintain the perfect form and look nicely, but they are also a little insecure somewhere deep down in their soul.

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